Kevin and I have prepared this page to pass on information that we found to be helpful after Kevin was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma [cancer of the nose] . The warning sign being a quickly developing lump in the left throat lymph gland [the lymph nodes being a filtering mechanism in the body, which acts as the first line of defense against cancer cells].  After a biopsy found the growth to be malignant, we had a twelve week wait before commencing conventional treatment [radiation and chemo] due to Kevin needing 8 teeth which had to be removed prior to starting. During this time we came to terms with the fear associated with the word cancer, and took it upon ourselves to source as much information on different treatments as possible.

The information available once you start searching can be conflicting and confusing, so you have to decide on a plan that you feel suits you and that you can embrace fully. The diet and lifestyle choice we made firstly was from a book called Heal Cancer, Choose Your Own Survival Path by Dr Ruth Cilento,  An inspirational read, people’s experiences, a lifestyle choice, guiding you with diet, freshly squeezed juices play a huge part, organic if possible, the cabbage family being extremely beneficial, recipes are included, and what supplements to take to get the immune system back on track. A naturopath can advise you on the supplements and explain in greater detail what they do within the body. We connected strongly with Ruth’s philosophy on meditation and visualization, due to me being a yoga teacher and Kevin having grown to have a love of yoga and all that it entails. We received great results with this regime, as Kevin’s blood tests were a testament to this. Be prepared to be met with a negative response from your oncologist, hospital staff in general, when you happen to mention you are choosing to incorporate alternate practices with mainstream treatment. We felt you could find a balance, diet, meditation, yoga , plays a huge part in healing the body, mind and spirit. We also felt empowered by doing these things; we were proactive in the healing and removing the disease from within.

We also found the Relaxation Centre of Queensland  to be a wealth of information and support. They have wonderful workshops and guest speakers. We attended a week-end work shop with Dr Ian Gawler, an extremely inspiring man, with his own survival story and an incredible amount of wisdom to bring into your own self healing. His well known book You Can Conquer Cancer is a brilliant read, full of hope, courage, encouragement and love,  He runs a retreat centre Yarra Valley Centre, most helpful for any questions in regard to diet, treatment, etc. One sentence Ian Gawler stated at the workshop we attended was “whatever form of treatment you choose EMBRACE IT FULLY, believe that this treatment is going to be the treatment that is going to heal you’’. I found this to be a turning point for me, as I felt a lot of conflicting emotions in regard to Kevin and I deciding to use chemo and radiation as part of his treatment regime. He also made mention of the importance of having a support partner as you journey through treatment. When you are diagnosed you are in a state of shock, hence important questions don’t get asked, such as, what is the percentage of success with radiation, if chemo is added to the treatment does the success rate go up. Does this increase more if I have surgery? What happens if I don’t have conventional treatment? Have a note book and pen with you always, if you have a support partner get them to write everything down. Once you have absorbed everything, prior to your next appointments write questions down that you feel need to be asked. When you commence chemo it is most important to stop taking your vitamin C, sodium ascorbate. To add to your juices flaxseed oil is extremely beneficial, we are trying one at the moment that has the 3 omega’s called Udo’s 3.6.9, prior to this we were using straight flaxseed oil. Try and have an abundance of raw food, salads etc,[ organic if possible] the Ian Gawler, and Ruth Cilento cookbooks are wonderful for recipe suggestion Hydrolysed Rice Protein powder, by Ladybird was a great help in Kevin gaining weight after treatment. This could also be used throughout treatment as it would help maintain weight. Due to Kevin’s radiation of the throat area , at present he has no saliva glands, and has found Perioclear mouthwash by to be the most beneficial in keeping the mouth lubricated. It is all natural, the ingredients are amazing.

Once through treatment Kevin and I decided to follow a programme by a fellow called Dr Mel Sydney Smith,  Ph; 07 38796555. He works very extensively with the bloods, we felt this was right for Kevin at this time, once again his treatment is very different to the Gawler and Cilento, so as I mentioned before see if it feels right for you. Zeolite and Essiac are two other products worth investigating. for info.

I have to also make mention of Kevin’s oncologist Professor Walker, head, nose and throat clinic at the Royal Brisbane hospital; he was in charge of Kevin’s daily radiation. The chemo was a separate section. When I chatted to Dr Ruth Cilento briefly she stated clearly that radiation and chemo would be required due to the aggressiveness of Kevin’s type of cancer. Some cancers are slow growing, others much quicker.

Dr Walker said “We shall be throwing the kitchen sink at you”. The treatment was harsh, the side effects extremely challenging, as the treatment progressed. Kevin and I can’t express enough at the importance of staying positive, this can be difficult, but keep going. Try to keep laughing, loving and full of gratitude for the abundance of good that life has to offer; gratitude is such a huge healer in of itself.

I must mention on that note the love and help we had from all of our family members. My sister Cheryl was a wealth of knowledge and support during this time, my rock, our rock we thank you. My dad, mum Kevin’s mum and sister Zorina, and New Zealand crew, so generous in every way. Our beautiful children 6 in total, Lucius, Jemma, Kobe, Holly, Chloe and Eli, such special people each in their own way, supporting all we did. Our friends, helping, sharing, we are full of gratitude. Everyone that prayed, meditated, and sent healing thoughts, emails & cards our way, we feel truly blessed.

We hope this may be of some help, With love Kevin and Melissa Borich. You can Visit Meliisa'a site here. A Piece Of Me 
Secondary in the lymph Gland
Bolted down to the machine to keep me still during Radiation Treatment
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My first show after therapy with The Angels Band thanks to Blue Tongue
Queensland Tan, Yep thats me in October 2010 in full health with my good friends Jack Thompson and Gary Sweet
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